Week #29

Posted on March 15, 2012

Make a portrait where the primary goal is to engineer intimacy from a situation that is fundamentally artificial.
— Chris Floyd

Chris adds…
I often photograph people in situations and environments that are artificial and in no way intimate. For example, actors in hotel rooms on press junkets. We are surrounded by the paraphernalia of the film PR set up, other people, noise, etc. And also, a short window of time in which to execute it. The intimacy we create will, in itself, be fake because it won’t be the natural kind that in real life might take days or weeks. It’s an inherently fake situation.

Out of all that I am trying to pull an image that is quiet, thoughtful and intimate. This requires me, through my interaction with them, to put them in a place where they actually forget all that and the moment just becomes something that only exists between them and my camera.

When it comes it can feel like a few moments of weightlessness and that’s when I grab it.

Chris Floyd  |  52 by 52 Group on Flickr

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