Week #35

Posted on April 26, 2012

Photograph your feelings in a state of boredom.
— Gerd Ludwig

Gerd Ludwig adds…
“As a photographer who shoots a lot on assignment for National Geographic Magazine, I sometimes find myself in a place where I feel completely bored. I sit there and think, ‘What am I doing here, how am I supposed to make an interesting photograph here?’

What I have found, is that if I consciously and intellectually look around me, and try to search out the individual objects creating my sense of boredom, I will open up and discover what is actually in front of my eyes. Maybe it’s just a lonely pair of shoes sitting against a blank wall, but all of a sudden, it clicks – that is the picture, that scene is communicating the truth of what is there.

It’s a process, a vehicle, I use to get me out of being unproductive because I am feeling bored, and into a place where I can make meaningful images.”

Gerd Ludwig  |  52 by 52 Group on Flickr

Small selection of submissions for #35: