Week #51

Posted on August 16, 2012

Flip the script.
— Josh Cole

Josh adds…
“With my projects I always try to work against stereotypes and change people’s preconceptions. When I shoot in the slums around the world I try to reflect the energy, strength, hard work and positivity of people living in poverty which goes against the ‘charity’ view of miserable people with their hand out.

With the work I’ve done with Romany gypsy and Irish traveller communities in the UK I’ve tried to show how, in my experience, they are a proud, hardworking and noble people which totally goes against the ‘gypsy wedding’ view.

I want you to go out and show the unexpected side of a group of people, place or sub-culture and show it to the world.”

Josh Cole  |  52 by 52 Group on Flickr

Small selection of submissions for #51: